Monday, February 21, 2011

Day on the Water - Moss Landing, CA

I think a proper title to this picture would be "just taking a peek".  That is what they did all day was pop out of the water just enough to get me excited but not long enough to take a picture - except once!

Moss Landing is the home to a wide variety of marine and bird life.  The Elkhorn Slough is a protected area and is also the home to laboratories and project centers for numerous colleges and organizations of the State of California.

It was a perfect day to take out the kayaks out for a paddle.  The otters were playing and there was quite an array of various bird life ranging from snowy egrets to double crested cormorants, along with the ever present seals of Coastal California.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Asilomar Sunsets - Pacific Grove, California

Lux Mundi - Light off the World

Catching this sunset was by mere luck.  I had this feeling all day that day that it was going to be a gorgeous evening, and sure enough, this is what it resulted it in!  

Silence at Land's End
Being able to stand there on the rocks with the mist from the waves sweeping your face gives you a new sense of Life.

Monterey State Beach - Sand City, CA

Surfs Up!  Part of the Sand City area, the Monterey State Beach is one of  the best places to spend time on the Beach if the Sun is full!

On days like this, it is common to see people out on a  scavenger hunt for sea shells, sand dollars, and even sea glass.  On occasion, when I would babysit friends' dogs, this was also a great place to play fetch.  With plenty of room to roam and also low lying dunes to throw a stick on top of and wear out the dog!