Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Victorians - Pacific Grove, California

Green Gables House
Pacific Grove, California: The city that bears the title of having 
the most Victorians homes per capita than any other American city!

Most of these homes are works of art themselves and some have even been bestowed with names and titles, in example in the bottom row of pictures on the left is the Daffodil.  I am guessing that the house acquired that name from either it's yellow color or the massive beds of daffodils surrounding her yard!
Seven Gables

Bewitching Blossoms - Pacific Grove, California

Every which way that I went, there was a burst of color and sweet aromas from flowers of all shapes, shades and sizes!  Not that I am complaining at all...

Pulchritude of Pacific Grove - Pacific Grove, California

After living in Monterey for a year and a half, I was still discovering new places and sites of this historic city.  Wandering about the hilly avenues of Pacific Grove and Monterey on this fog free day made for an excellent photo opportunty and great exercise although my friend that went with me on this endeavor might disagree! (He survived to tell the tale so no harm done)  I could not have asked for a better day to have a camera in hand being the flora was in full bloom along the rocky ramparts at Lover's Point and the buzz of the birds in the sea-breeze air on a fog free day! 

Downtown in Bloom - Monterey, California

Peninsula Pathways - Monterey, California

Bear statues in the Friendly Plaz

Monterey - A city of many "First's".  Monterey is home to Colton Hall and remains to this day the home of City Hall offices of the city.  The hall housed the first Constitutional Convention in the American State of California.  It was at this convention that the delegates of the then-districts drafted and ratified the first Constitution of California.  Considering that the hall was built in the 1840's, I find that fact amazing that the building remains in the condition that it is in despite the 150 years worth of devastating earthquakes surrounding the peninsula.  Then again, architects and engineers at that time labored hard to make sure these important structures would stand the test of time and elements.

Housed in the Casa Serrano in downtown Monterey which is one of many free venues that is offered in the city of Monterey and a valuable place to visit being the guides to this museum are also members of the Monterey Historic Society and can give you the In's and Out's of Monterey's History!  This piano here has a very unique story.  First of all, it is made by the prominent company of Chickering that was based out of Boston, Massachusetts, and traveled all along the coasts of North and South America, around the Cape of Good Hope to the City of Monterey, and can still be played to this day after more than 150 years!

Embedded in the walkway up to Colton Hall, this bronze marker of the Seal of California is about three feet across and welcomes visitors to this historic location.
The Path of History winding through downtown Monterey is benchmarked by these small plaques embedded into the sidewalks for visitors to follow.  This markers are written in some of the world's common languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Korean.

The Snowy Egret - Monterey, California

Spending a nice spring day out on the banks of the pond at Lagunta Niranda Park with a friend, she pointed this out this reposed hunter wading through the shallows in pursuit of a fresh catch.  Little did he know, he made for an excellent photo subject while we took in some sun and enjoyed the sweet aroma of the flowers in the nearby gardens.

Gardens of La Mirada - Monterey, California

I think these are some of the best garden shots I have taken, especially for my hundred dollar Kodak!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Point Pinos Lighthouse - Pacific Grove, California

As a Guiding Light for ships navigating their way along the Pacific Coast,  the Point Pinos Lighthouse was built in 1855, and is now the oldest running lighthouse that remains in  operation on the West Coast and still has the original lens!

Two years prior to the compeletion, an advancement was made by a Frenchman by the name of Augustin-Jean Fresnel and his creation of the Fresnel Lens, which uses light refraction by a series of prisms that enable the light produced to travel a further distance
Numerous times, I have spent nights driving along the coastal highway, parking on the edge of the Pacific and let the light stream by as the waves banter against the rocks...

Surrounding the Lighthouse is the Pacific Grove Municipal Golf Links 

There is an interesting story behind the beginning of this lighthouse, it's first Lighthouse keeper, Charles Layton, died in a posse chase of a well known outlaw of the area and was succeeded his widow, Charlotte Layton, soon-to-be Harris, after marrying George Harris, the Assistant Lighthouse keeper!