Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Flora - Pacific Grove, California

Bee Business

This is a photo that I hope everyone can thoroughly enjoy!  I was impressed by just how clear and sharp this turn out while this bee was quite uncooperative the whole time!  Then again, he had a job to do and he would not want to make the misses back home upset for coming home late...

After living in the Monterey area for almost two years, I still don't understand the seasons of this bay!  Springtime was in full swing at the end of February and the colder months are June and July, but May and October seemed to be the "summer" months.  Granted, any day of the year could be a foggy autumn day at any given time!

I wish I could have found the name to this park, but it is one of the only areas of the Monterey Bay to have this kind of long, droopy Spanish moss.  All I know is it was not too far from the butterfly sanctuary in Pacific Grove.

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