Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Asilomar, Asilomar - Pacific Grove, California

The word 'asilomar' is derived from the Spanish term asilar mar which means the refuge by the sea, and I see why it was named so!

Not only is this area a popular destination for beach strollers or surfers, but it is a home to a wide  variety of wildlife also, which made this adventure a memoriable one.

One aspect that I like about Asilomar besides the quality of white sand and crystal clear waters is the array of seashells that are scattered to and fro in every nook among the rocks

Getting this picture took some serious talent and coordination, in which I can be lacking on some days!  This photo was shot through about one foot of water with a tide constantly changing, but it turned out great in my opinion!

Bridge to the Beach

I have this innate feeling that once I leave this area, I am going to want to come back time and time again... and for good reason!  The thought of taking a few sailing lessons has crossed my mind a few times here and there, so that just might be a goal before I leave! 

Wave Watchers

Out of curiosity one day, I quick stopped in at one of the local Real Estate offices and had a chat with some of the agents there and flat out asked them prices on beach front property. 

In My Dreams!

If I recall correctly, one of the lesser priced lots was listed at $9,500,000.00, and it was not by any means grand! 

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