Wednesday, December 21, 2011

California Capitol

Old Sac - Sacramento, California

Plumas National Forest - California

Spanning over one million acres in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the forest has been apart of the Forest Service for more than a hundred years.  Dedicated to the preservation of the mountain landscape and the wildlife native to the area, the forest was established by President Theodore Roosevelt, the Pioneer President. 

With the first bits of snow settling in on the higher points throughout the range, the lower elevations still held onto the last of the autumn season with golden leaves slowly drifting down to the damp ground below.

Morning Wonders - Forbestown, California

I took these spectacular light shots one early morning around Thanksgiving in the Central Californian valley.  I do believe I stumpled upon the sun being in the right place with the right amount of water in the air with zero wind - Also known as being really lucky!

Thanksgiving in Forbestown, California

Knocking around on Thanksgiving morning I happened to stumble upon some amazing photographic opportunities!  With a heavy dew, water droplets covered everything from the ground up with glistening diamond bubbles and the light fog made for an amazing layering effect in the evergreens.  Its days like this that I am tahnkful for always having my camera with me at the ready!