Saturday, July 1, 2017

Discover Wyoming

    Growing up as a Montanan, the extent of the Cowboy State that I ventured about was typically within the bounds of Yellowstone National Park.  After about two decades of those confines, I broke out of those bounds and into the rest of the state when one of my long-time friends from the Navy was visiting her family.  Not only was spending time with her spectacular and memorable, but also the adventures we went on were of the same caliber!  This is one of my first videos that I have compiled since I have had my new toy more commonly known as a drone.   During our road-side stops along our three days of cruising the countryside of northeast Wyoming, her dad curiously inquired about the in's and out's of my Phantom drone which only encouraged me to fly to capture awe-inspiring views and push the limits of "how close can I really get" which equated to humbly showing off.  

All of that paid off with the video that led me to not only discover the State of Wyoming, but more about myself and what I want out of life.  Enjoy!