Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Down by the River - Augusta, GA

The Sacred Heart Catholic Church was completed at the turn of the 20th Century.  Although in the 1970's, as the local area was undergoing changes the church closed it's doors.  Falling into decay and vandalism shortly thereafter, in 1972, it was placed on the National Registry and today is used as a Cultural Center. 

The Savannah River

Augusta's importance lies between the banks of the Savannah River.  Just north of Augusta are numerous waterfalls making up the fall-line which make the river impassable for river boats to carry goods inland, making this point an important hub for trade and commerce.

A Step back in Time

Walking in the downtown area feels a lot like stepping into a time capsule.  Reminiscent feelings to times when Augusta was a blooming metropolis up until the 1970's gives an interesting sensation to the area.  

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