Sunday, March 25, 2012

Walton Way Mansions - Augusta, Georgia

Walton Way, named after George Walton, in memory of his great deeds to the American Nation and Revolution as a Signer of the Declaration of Independence and one of the first Governors of the State of Georgia.  Located in the Summerville neighborhood of Augusta, between the Masters Golf course and the downtown on top of the 'Hill', makes for a prime location for Augusta's Finest!  Some of these homes can date back further than the 1850's due to their luck of being on a hill, saving them from flood of the Savannah River and the fires of the Downtown, and some are survivors from Sherman's March to the Sea!

The architecture varies from the large English colonial to the Neoclassical to German Gothic timbered homes along the time capsule of the days past in Augusta.  Needless to say, Walton Way is a great place  to get out and walk along the antebellum style homes!

Out of the 4 mile stretch of these homes, this Neoclassical Antebellum home is my favorite.  The building itself is not as large as some of it's neighbors, but it is the balance and the simple appeal of the color and space that draws me into the structure, along with the gorgeous landscaping with the azaleas and other flowering shrubs!


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