Wednesday, December 26, 2012

All American Tribute - Sacred Heart - Augusta, Georgia

Rising above the trees of the lower valley, the silver spires stand tall in the downtown skyline of Augusta and make this structure one of the most recognizable of the area.  Once a jesuit built Catholic church, the Sacred Heart was nearly lost after she fell victim to vile acts of vandalism and disrepair in the 1970's.  Luckily, the scarred walls and shattered windows were brought back to life and is now the Sacred Heart Cultural Center of Augusta.  This was my first time to be inside the center for a concert put on by the Augusta Choral Society dedicated to the American Armed Services.  I still to this day find it appalling that such a beautiful building could have been abandoned and violated the way that this one once was, but thankfully to the ambitions of local historians and activists, it was spared the ill fate of a wrecking ball.

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