Friday, March 28, 2014

Der Mannheimer Wasserturm - Mannheim, Germany

Marking the gateway from Oststadt into the Quadrate of Mannheim is the late 19th century Romanesque water tower rising about 200 feet above the well manicured gardens and extensive water fountains of Friedrichsplatz.  

I was able to experience my first Deutsche Bahn train ride through the Rheinland countryside after departing in the early afternoon from Kaiserslautern with Mannheim as my Point B.  I was quite pleased with this train ride due to the cleanliness and organization of the trains, but more so by the fact that you can drink beer - ALL DAY.  The United States has some catching up to do in this public transportation aspect!  Passing through Ludwigshafen, I immediately knew there was a few good miles of biped exploring ahead of me for the evening.  As those thoughts were rushing through my head the view opened up even more as the train passed over the Rhein.  At that point, I was able to check off the first must see of Germany!  Stepping out of the Hauptbahnhof, the next item on the list was der Wasserturm and as soon as I started straight out the doors I was surprised by the fact of how big the tower really was and I was still quite a distance!  Most definitely the "center of attention" for the quadrant city, the grounds were host to hundreds of families with children playing frisbee or fußball, soccer for my American audience, in the shadow of this magnificent structure.  In the middle picture above,  please note the three girls sitting on the railing at the bottom for a size comparison!

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