Sunday, March 1, 2015

Catamaran Commute - Nassau, Bahamas

After exploring the Bahamian capital city in the morning, we set out from the pier on what potentially looked to be a rainy day to the outer islands on an 80 foot catamaran.  Bending around the eastern point of Paradise Island, the Nassau Harbor Lighthouse served as our pivot point to the surrounding islands.  As we passed over the bright blue waters, the weather made a change in our favor by warming up and the sea smoothed out before us as we pushed westward to Athol Island.  When the Captain of the catamaran started to edge back the throttle, my heart started to race more knowing we were getting closer and as I peered over the rails, I could see the reefs below!  With the anchor set, it was time to get in the water and, as the saying goes minus the death part, we swam with the fishes!  As my first snorkeling experience in the Caribbean, when I submerged my body into the crystal clear waters, I traveled out of one world into another filled with new creatures of endless shimmering colors and infinite shapes and sizes all moving about in this world in a beautiful frenzy of fish.  Rising back to the surface after exploring the sea-world was a bit disheartening, however, on the ride back to the port we all enjoyed a few glasses of "island punch"... and the rum ran strong in the mix!    

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