Sunday, January 3, 2016

Riding to the Rock - La Linea de la Concepción, Spain

 The first glimpse I caught of the Rock was three days before I crossed 'the line' as I was on my downhill slide into Algeciras.  Once I crossed over what seemed like an endless hill, the bike ride was a piece of cake along the small coastal hills of the Bay of Gibraltar.  Until I heard a high pitched whistle from behind me and watched my rear tire deflate before my eyes with less than one kilometer to my destination!  Luckily, I had enough air in my tire to limp down off the autovía and commence my first tube change of #WorldTour2015.  After a few days of relaxation in San Roque, I was ready to head to the United Kingdom!  Well, one of its' many Overseas Territories that predominately speaks Spanish or Llanito (super Spanglish) and inhabited by peoples of every corner of the world!  The ride from San Roque to my final destination was simple as could be: Head to the big rock.  Taking my sweet time along Avenida Principe de Asturias next to the bright blue waters of the bay, I came upon a right hand turn and chaos.  That chaos being the mess of traffic coming and going from the "immigration control" between the Kingdom of Spain and the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar.  I put immigration control in quotations being there are officers standing their post but as I was attempting to present my passport, I has hastily waved through with not a glance at my travel documents or undeclared goods.  This was round one of three for me not getting a desired passport stamp!  After maneuvering the official border crossing, I made my way down Winston Churchill Avenue on my AWOL to the unofficial and most unique crossing I have ever made into a different territory - across an airstrip!  Pretty sure this is the only intersection where the  traffic signal is dictated by the cross traffic of commercial airliners and military aircraft!   

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