Monday, December 27, 2010

On the Road to the Giants - California

As part of the Civil Construction Crew Project of building the General Sherman Highway in 1938, they dug beneath this rock to create this "tunnel" along the historic highway.  This was one of the first stops that Mayci and I made along our first day within the Sequoia National Park.  The view on the right was taken from on top of the 'tunnel' looking down, which gives the sense of a dead end.

Straight shot at a windy road through the "little trees" of this park.  Before entering into the Sequoia National Park, we passed the Pumpkin Hollow bridge which spans over the Kaweah River (pictured on the right).   Built in 1922 as part of a Park Improvement Project to allow visitors then and now to travel with ease along their way to the Giants of the Forest.  I do not know exactly what it was about this bridge, but I felt attached to it in some way, whether it be its arches or it's rustic appearance.

From Visalia to Lemon Cove, there is nothing but endless orchards of oranges, lemons, and olives!  I always slow down with the windows down just to take in the aroma for the fruits at various stages of growth from blossom to ripe fruit.  

Along the Middle Fork Kaweah River Trail from the Buckeye Flat, we were accompanied by deer numerous times, and moments like this the took a little interest in to our presence, then quickly ignored us!  So much for 'wild' life here in California!

Fog in the Marble Fork.  

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