Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Night with the Colonels - Athens, Georgia

For my dad's first visit to the South, I had wanted to share a bit of the "antebellum experience" with him.  The Colonels definitely made that experience burgeon in a multitude of ways!  After making the drive from Atlanta, the four imposing Doric columns welcomed us to the country manor in the mid afternoon.   The house dates back to 1860 making it a true Antebellum - barely!  The furnishings that compliment the many rooms of the manor range from various periods of European antiquity, but my favorite pieces are the pieces of equestrian artwork throughout the manor.  The beautiful artwork and tasteful furniture gives the bed and breakfast a warm sensation to us visitors, but the true charisma and euphoria came from Colonel Marc!  Always with a full and cheerful smile about him, Marc happily answered any question about the estate and gladly gave us a comprehensive tour of the place with a full commentary about each and every unique piece!  Outside the manor, Lady Colonel Beth took us about the grounds and stable to see the steeds.  When not tending to the horses, she makes a mean batch of pancakes and a breakfast feast worthy of the kings!   

If you find yourself bound for Athens, Georgia, I cannot encourage enough about making your stay with the Colonels in their treasured manor in the shade of the magnolias and pecan trees.  Visit their page here!

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