Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fourth of July Sunset - Augusta, Georgia

After making my way through the constantly shifting maze of spectators for the evening's show, I found a spot not too far from the western side of the Jefferson Davis Bridge up on the Augusta River Walk.  Just after getting settled in at my small plot of turf for the night, the sun gave us all an early light show on an indigo canvas gilded with amber and amethyst.  As I took in the heavenly surroundings to the west, I almost missed Old Glory at the river's edge to the east being carried by the light but much welcomed breeze as the sun was giving away to the night.  As I was capturing some of these shots, I noticed some of the surrounding families with youthful eyes taking in Mother Nature's wonder unfold against the Garden City's sky line before the bursting bombs of Independence Day took flight, and it was that simplicity that made this night more treasured and memorable.

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