Monday, May 18, 2015

Saint Louis Cathedral - New Orleans, Louisiana

Rising out of the fervor of the French Quarter are the three iconic steeples to one of America's oldest cathedrals: Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Louis, King of France.  Set overlooking Jackson Square, one of only a few American churches of Roman Catholicism to do as many of the Old World often do, onto the mighty Mississippi River only feet away.  With that in consideration, it surprised me that this church was first established in 1718 knowing the likelihood of spring flooding of the river and surges from summer storms from the Gulf.  Although, the church grew into a larger and grander structure as time past on and in 1793 was elevated to serving as the seat of a bishop, or more commonly given the name 'cathedral'.  While on the drive from Georgia, I was hashing out how my time would be spent while sober and visiting the Cathedral had priority and looking back on the experience, I am glad I committed the time that I did!  The afternoon before we departed from the Big Easy, I spent some time in the shade of the old oak trees writing postcards and whenever I would look up, it was the stark facade of Saint Louis looking back at me.  I highly encourage any visitor to the Cresent City to rest your tired feet for an hour in the shade listening to the live music fill the air in the sight of this American treasure.

In order for me to get the shot of Jackson's statue with limited "people" interference, I waited at this spot for nearly 40 minutes and as I waited, other fellow photographers gathered in hopes of catching the same view.  When this brief but beautiful moment happened, we all gave each other a robust high five afterward for sticking it out all in the sake of one single photograph! 

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