Saturday, May 23, 2015

Wedding of Eritrean Aura - Columbus, Georgia

Nearly six years ago, I met a vibrant and vivacious spirit during the trying times that come with Navy boot camp.  After our eight weeks of "hurry-up-and-wait's", seemingly endless marching, and other preparatory lessons to prepare us for what lay ahead within our Naval careers, we parted ways.  Despite going about the world in different directions, we stayed in touch and after she finished her time, our paths crossed once again in a very special place.  Over an ocean and in the picturesque Marienplatz in the heart of the Bavarian capital city during one of the world's greatest festivals - Oktoberfest!  Under the opulent tower of the City Hall of Munich, I was met with a smiling familiar face and a new one was tagging along with her.  Whilst eating savory German food and quenching our thirst with Reinheitsgebot beer in lieu of the Oktoberfest season, the memories flowed and were made all the same as we sat next to a table full of jubilant Danes that made the experience all the more memorable.  After parting ways once again, I was invited to be a part of their happiest day on a beautiful November day with their families and friends, which was also a reunion after many years for a few of us from Division 360.  Adding to an already enchanting day, her family of Eritrean heritage gave charisma to the beautiful celebration of marriage to two beautiful people.  Their song filled the hall and poured out over the gardens of the old river mill in downtown Columbus and their dances raised all of our spirits and smiles alike!  I am truly honored to have taken part in such an extraordinary day for this Port-watch's dear friend, Starboard Watch.    

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