Monday, May 18, 2015

Exploring the Big Easy - New Orleans, Louisiana

Two friends and I made the trek across the Deep South to the city that famously known as "Nawlins" despite the fact that there is no one in New Orleans that says it in that manner.  We rolled into the town in the afternoon and after a quick cruise about the prismatic streets, we finally maneuvered our way to the hotel on Canal Street.  That street, shown on the left, happens to be the literal line between 'party' and 'business', and we landed ourselves on the party side!  As I made a right hand turn out of the French Quarter area onto Canal Street, there was a parade with a marching band and confetti still twirling down about the crowd.  As we checked in I inquired as to what the celebration was for and the lady brimmed with a smile and replied, "It is Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday.  Isn't that a reason to celebrate?!" That, my readers, was our welcoming to the noble NOLA!  For our getaway weekend, we could not have asked for better weather to experience the Easy, well, aside from the hefty dose of humidity, but that is part of the Louisiana experience!  Walking about the French Quarter is truly a unique experience for there are things that you will see, and sometimes smell, on Bourbon Street that you will encounter no where else in the world.  Thankfully.  

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