Friday, May 15, 2015

Inside of Saint Joseph's - Macon, Georgia

After a year's passing since my first visit to the Central City of Georgia, I had made two attempts to visit the sanctuary of this magnificent Neo-Gothic icon to the Macon skyline.  As the saying goes, the third time is the charm!  As the sun was setting on a perfect spring day, I opened the heavy oak doors and entered into the narthex with much anticipation.  My anticipation quickly turned into awe as I stepped into the exquisite yet harmonious interior of Saint Joseph's.  As I made my way toward the transept and peered up into the interior of the dome 125 feet about me, a church attendant quietly approached me to greet me.  I must have had a fresh haircut due to the fact that one of his first questions was if I were military and then ball got rolling from there!  After giving him the affirmative response, he told me about his Marine Corps career and I soon realized I was standing in the midst of a retired Master Gunnery!  All the while of the story-telling, he gave me a near-full guided tour of the church and its history, with the exception of the choir loft and the organ which I truly wished to see.  However, the choir loft was undergoing renovation work at the time and that just means I have to make a return trip!  Quoting from the dedication article printed by the Macon Telegraph in 1903 saying that "If architecture may be described as frozen music, St. Joseph's Church, to be dedicated today, is a symphony." gives life to the beauty of the Jesuit craftsmanship and crown jewel of Macon.  
Please read more about the history of Saint Joseph's Church here!


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