Wednesday, July 29, 2015

From the Bell Tower - Augusta, Georgia

I had a rare opportunity to go to the top of the copper topped dome of Saint Paul's Episcopal Church and take in the view of the Garden City of Georgia!  The climb to the top is an adventure in itself as the stair gradually become more and more confined until the hatch opens right underneath the small bells.  But, being hunched over and dust covered hands is worth the bird's eye view over the most historic place in Augusta.  Standing as the fourth church over the grounds that was established as Fort Augusta by Georgia's Founding Father General Olgethorpe.  The Celtic cross pictured below is the marker of the location of the original fort and holder of the cannon Olgethorpe had brought over from England to defend the growing river trading post.  As the city grew outside of the bounds of what was Fort Augusta, the church has remained despite destruction over the centuries.  The last time misfortune struck was in 1916 as fire engulfed the walls of Saint Paul's.  The large bell is in memoriam of the 1916 fire as it's inscprition reads:
"To the Glory of God
and Thanksgiving for the 
Restoration of this Church
Destoryed by Fire 1916
Rebuilt in 1918
Glory to God in the Highest"

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