Saturday, August 8, 2015

Beginning of my WorldTour2015 - Rota, Spain

As the time has come for the end of my active service in the United States Navy, I have begun what numerous people have stated as a "trip of a lifetime".  Driving away from Augusta, Georgia, early in the morning with my new Specialized AWOL and all the belongings that I will have with me one this trek in the back of my car and my roommate of the past three years and best friend throughout my entire Naval career, we set out for Fayetteville, North Carolina.  Upon arrival to Pope Air Force Base which was going to be the first leg of my journey to Europe, I learned the real regulations for flying with a bicycle and had to get a quick breakdown of my brand new bicycle.  Not being all to comfortable doing the disassemble myself, we headed to the city proper to get someone that knew what they were doing have at my AWOL.  After making a few phone calls, Hawley's Bicycle World said they could help me out and Jen is the one that came to my rescue!  She worked her magic and got my ride in parts and wrapped up for the journey ahead!  After that, I was on my way to Dover, Delaware, to cross the pond to the Iberian peninsula.  Once on the ground on a late afternoon in Rota, Spain, I was ready to get ready for the WORLD TOUR!  But, that would have to wait being the bicycle shop in Rota had closed for the day.  The next morning, I lugged the long and awkward box bearing my beloved bicycle up the winding and hilly streets to Antonio's Bicycle's, I was one the last step to having my bike set to begin WT2015!  In closing of this post, I am excited to tell the upcoming tales of my travels for I created this blog when I joined the Navy to share my stories throughout my six years and now comes the biggest adventure of my life!

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