Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Gone to the Beach - Rota, Spain

Arriving to Europe ahead of schedule, I had some time to kill!  What a better way to let time pass other than spending it on the beach trying to acquire any bit of skin tone possible!?  Well lathered in SPF30, I took on the beaches throughout the day, but nothing compared to how the typical Spaniard does the beach!  Around 2 o'clock, the hillside town of Rota nearly closes down entirely and everyone grabs their towel and beach chair in their arms then makes their way down to the sand for the next five or six hours.  I learned then that they while return to work for a small evening shift, close up shop again, and then return to the beach if they choose and watch the sunset while the children play some more!  Or, they go out on the town until near-sunrise the next day!  As my internal clock was trying to figure itself out, I was amazed by the fact at 10 in the morning, I nearly had a private beach with perfect weather!  The advantage over them sleeping in late from the night's activities that I feel some enjoy too much...  Of the two that I was fortunate enough to enjoy were El Rompidillo, pictured above, which I thought was the most scenic of the beaches with the old town surrounding the outer reaches of the sandy playground.  La Costilla is where you went if you wanted fun in the sun - or in the Atlantic!  My last night in Rota, I was blessed with the chance to watch the sun set over the Atlantic (quite the change for I am used to seeing sunrises over said ocean) on a rooftop where I had the most remarkable barbeque and great company to share the great sunset!

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