Monday, May 23, 2011

Staying Afloat - Memphis, Tennessee

On my way from California along the I-40 across the Nation, I was in luck by about 18 hours.

The Eastbound side had just opened but as you can tell the westbound is still submerged in spring flood waters which have been striking all the areas from the Delta at New Orleans up to the plains of Montana.

Among thousands of acres of farmland that will not be able to be utilized this year for crops, homes such as this one lay victim to the uncontrollable high waters from the spring run-off and roads and bridges made impassable to outlying families.

I was in utter amazement as I approached the famous skyline of Memphis and seeing the waterline of the Great Mississippi going over it's banks and servicemen and women of the Tennessee National Guard along with Citizens doing there best to keep back the water.

Memphis - The River City

Tennessee - The Volunteer State.

Hundreds of servicemen and women of the Tennessee National Guard, on call for the times when they are most needed, just as this situation was.

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