Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fourth of July Rodeo 2010 - Folsom, CA

Celebrating it's 50th Anniversary, the Folsom Rodeo was a good way to start of the Fourth of July festivities! From seeing some of Central California's finest rodeo competitors, flag drop from a plane, fireworks and laser show, and of course, the ever so funny clown show to tie it all together!

Folsom, more commonly known for it's renowned prison in the Classic of Johnny Cash, was a major destination for early miners during the Gold Rush to California.  Now, a powerhouse for alternative energy in the central valley of California in hydroelectricity in creation in of the Folsom Dam.

Fire Works display following the Rodeo

 Kent Lane, a competitor in skydiving since 1976, has jumped over 8,000 jumps for exhibition and competition all over the world.  He is also made the first successful jump off of the El Capitan in 1978 as a free fall jump.

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