Friday, November 26, 2010

The Grand Yosemite - Eastern California

El Capitan - just your everyday 3,000 foot granite monolith. One of the first sites seen as you approach the main valley of Yosemite, and the first to leave an impression!  Often a destination for climbers, this may be my next stop on my return trip to Yosemite.
Upon first entering the Park for our three day adventure over the Veteran's Day weekend this Fall, we were welcomed into the Valley by this interesting entrance into the heart of the park.

Sites that can be taken in from the village center are the North Dome and this stone bridge that I am guessing was a product from the Roosevelt's New Deal and CCC.

With the last hours of the dwindling down into dusk of the first day of the hike, I caught a good glimpse of one of the more notable peaks of Yosemite:  Half Dome.

 Looking east to these snow covered domes as we came down from the Half Basket Dome in the third day of our hike.

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