Monday, November 22, 2010

Trails of Yosemite - California

The Stairway to the Overlook of Yosemite Falls.
These could have been the last thing I could have possibly set my eyes on had I been any more careless with myself... only a 2,500 foot vertical drop to the bottom down below.

The bridge that crosses the stream before it becomes the Yosemite Falls.

The way down from the Basket Dome.

What we called the Road for the Pilgrimage to the Dali Lama!  ...and that is what it felt like!
The trail in the valley bottom was bursting with awesome autumn colors.

Meandering in the California Red Cedars was a common thing on this hike.  These trees were ranging from small seedlings spurting from the snow to Mammoths of an 8 foot diameter at their base.

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