Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Walk of the Corps - Quantico, VA

The symbolism marked by the emblem of the Marine Corps:
Eagle represents the United States as for the eagle represents Nobility. The Globe marks the Marines involvement on a world wide spectra.The Anchor ties in the long standing history of service with the Department of the Navy.

Please note how the branch grows out, forks, then grows back into the trunk... Odd.  There is quite a system of sidewalks surrounding the Marine Corps Museum just outside of Quantico tying in natural beauty with the memorials to human sacrifices.  Although children might not grasp the full meaning of this place, I would highly recommend parents to make this journey with them to share this part of America's history with them.  These walks provide a great example of what sacrifices a few made for the many along with getting outside and enjoying the fresh air of Virginia.

As soon as I saw this come into my view as I was walking along with the morning sun on my back, it took all I had not to start choking up.  I knew what was before me... Okinawa was the largest water to land assault in the Pacific during World War II, also making it one of the bloodiest and the one that took the numerous lives - On both Sides.  

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