Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cruising the Canal - Augusta, Georgia

The Augusta Canal symbolizes the artery to the heart of the city.  Built to provide power and energy to one of the most noted industrial cities of the South, water to the flourishing city, and transportation to many over the river-goers of the 19th century.  Engineered to connect two parts of the Savannah River and to utilize the fall line which is just north of the city as a source of power.  With embracing the new age form of energy, the modern world of industry boomed in textiles due to the cotton and iron works such as Lombard Iron Works which made the shafts and mounts for this levee.

Although the Augusta Canal supplies the citizens with water and gave way for barges to move inward to the mills, this canal is the only on in the world that is used for what it was built to do: Power the Mills.
River boat tour rippling the mirror

Discovering treasures depends upon the person.  For some it might be that Mother-lode of gold, others a cherry red 1969 Camaro, but to me it is learning the History.  What happened here and better yet, why here?

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