Sunday, October 16, 2011

Running the Rail - Augusta, Georgia

The Crossbuck
I have another bit of odd information that I learned from a railroad history buff.  The railroad crossing sign, or the more technical term 'crossbuck', was one of the first standard traffic signs of the world.  Mainly due to the fact at the time of their creation no form of transportation really interfered with another: Boats, Horse and Cart, and Walking.  The crossbuck is placed at level-crossings, a part of the railway built up to allow traffic across more easily.  The crossbuck reaches the height of 9 feet whereas the standard height of other traffic signs is only 7 feet.  The reasoning behind that is it facilitates seeing the sign from the back of a horse.  Learn something new everyday! 

The Railway: The Artery of the American Dream.  Winding along their paths for miles on end, the railway bore supplies, livestock, and settlers out to the Unknown of the American West.  It may be a possibility, from the point which I took this shot, a steam driven train may have came from behind me headed west bound...

A benefit to the railroad system is the ability to transport large amounts of cargo at high speeds, but the downfall is building the track to carry that cargo has to be somewhat level.  With the expansion of the railways, bridges have spanned gorges and go under mountains across the world.

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