Saturday, October 15, 2011

Findley Plaza - Atlanta, Georgia

If you are looking for a 'cultural' area of Atlanta, this one I would highly recommend!  Findley Plaza is a boulevard of locally owned boutiques with the hustle bustle of street artists, musicians, and other performers.

Walking around the area of Findley Plaza and Euclid Avenue, you will discover a wide spectra of architectural gems from old Victorians to Retro all with the spice of artwork splashed on walls of hole-in-the-wall shops. 
There is hardly a surface along Euclid avenue that has gone untouched by some form of art.  I liked the area for the charge of energy that one gets from all the creativity that wraps around  you while walking in this unique niche of the city of Atlanta.

There are no two shops alike in the entire neighborhood!  If you are a connoisseur of antiques, oddities, and any other nick-nack under the sun, I say you should take a stroll around the area!

A black and white shot of the west side of Manuel's Tavern, named The Best Bar in Atlanta more than once among mentioned by the New York Times as "Atlanta's quintessential neighborhood bar." 
You will find every walk of life inside this bar enjoying the feature of Manuel's that I truly love: The Food!

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