Tuesday, October 18, 2011

St. Paul's Church - Augusta, Georgia

The Mother Church of Augusta
Regarded as the oldest established building claimed to Augusta would be St. Paul's Church.  The first of four churches built on this plot was the gothic church completed and founded by the Church of England in 1750.  Located on what once was Fort Augusta just off the banks of the Savannah River, the first church was burned during the Revolutionary War.  Continuing further on about that era, a notable site to visit within the shadow of the bell tower is the grave site of Colonel William Few, one of the signers of the Constitution of the United States.

Gate to St. Paul's Church

The only relic of the first church that remains is the baptismal font which was shipped over from England in 1751.

The church that stands today was built after the Great Fire of Augusta in 1916 and is a close replica of the 1820 version of the church, only larger to fit the needs of the growing population of the River City.

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