Sunday, January 15, 2012

First Baptist Church of Augusta - Augusta, Georgia

The tale of the First Baptist Church of Augusta was an interesting read for me I must say. 
 Having lived in this area for over half of a year now and seeing the sprawl of Baptists churches from one block to the next and now knowing that the FIRST Baptist Congregation formed was in 1817, I see that as bewildering!  The first 'church' didn't even have an established church, it was merely a Society.

As the Baptist Praying Society grew from the original eighteen members, they thought it worthy to build a church.  After the funds were collected amounting to about $20,000 the Church was dedicated in 1821, becoming the First Baptist Church.
The First Baptist Church has played a significant role in Augusta's History.  Just before the Civil War, it held early conventions on issues such as slavery and states rights.

These photos are of the New Sanctuary which stands tall at the end of Walton Way. It's construction began in 1980 and provides to the ever-growing Baptist Community of Augusta and the surrounding areas.

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