Sunday, January 15, 2012

Virginia Historical Society - Richmond, Virginia

Holding Virginia's natural, regional, and historical story all under one roof makes this one of the largest historical societies of the United States!

As one enters the largest exhibit of the Museum, The Story of Virginia, you see the artifacts of the early peoples of the River City.

With collections that have been added to the Society for the past century or so, pieces such as this old print document about Algonquin Indians in German makes for an intriguing dynamic to the Virginia's past.  Numerous letters, pamphlets, and books that changed the face of our Nation can be traced back to Virginia, further more to Richmond!

The Federalist

Another must see exhibit is the American Civil War section.  I was amazed by the display's ability to take the span of that historic mark and tell the story from the major events down to the daily life during the War.

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