Monday, February 6, 2012

The Buzz of King Street - Charleston, South Carolina

The one aspect that I truly loved about my first visit to Charleston was the fact that  everyone was always going but it was still a quiet, tranquil city.  I highly recommend any place on  King Street as far as food is concerned!  These cupcakes are from... Cupcake, a boutique shoppe just over a block from Marion Square in the Downtown area.  Now, I would not advise you to eat them as your dinner as I had done, but nonetheless, treat yourself on your next visit!

Definitely a great stop for a good feel for Charleston or the Deep South is Closed for Business.  The menu is not to over-bearing to chose from and the food is scrumptious!  Few local beers to go with the best pork sandwich topped with a green tomato chutney made my day!

I like the feel that live music gives to the night life, but when musicians tie the crowd  into the buzz of the night, that I love!

I would recommend the Charleston Beer Works to anyone interested in trying locally made beer along with imported beer from Germany and South America that wants to play some shuffle board or billiards in a lively hub for all ages.

Fitting into it's acclaimed title of being the "America's Most Friendly" one is bound to meet new people and have a great time any where that they may  go in Charleston!

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