Monday, February 6, 2012

Old Field Cemetery - Barnwell, South Carolina

Subtle sign to a Silent Place

Just east of Barnwell along the 278 tucked away in the trees lies the Old Field Cemetery. 

Faded, but still true, is Old Glory, standing her watch over a protector of her Nation.

"I stand for peace - honor - truth and justice. 
I stand for freedom 
I am confident - I am arrogant 
I am proud."

A Dedication to one of the men whom was a passionate woodman which even to this day in the Lowcountry area is a common trade.  Along Route 78 and 17 there are log mills nearly every 20 miles!  

Of the headstones of the Old Field Cemetery, I would have to say a good half of them bear the name Hair.  I am hoping to find out more about the family name and what all they contributed to the Barnwell area.

Old Field Cemetery

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