Saturday, February 11, 2012

South of Broad - Charleston, South Carolina

Looking out onto the Harbor on South Battery to the right looms over head the branches of oaks from the time of the American Civil War in White Point Gardens and to the left stand some of the treasured keepsakes to Charleston that have survived wars, hurricanes, and the test of time.

Creepy spider that I found weaving it's intricate web 

Standing watch on the furthest point into the Charleston Harbor of the peninsula the city lays claim to is the monument of the Defenders of Charleston.  Erected in 1932 by the Daughters of the Confederacy to the men and women that died for the Confederate cause for the Southern Independence which started within sight of this very statue.

Along the pier, one can see fauna that unique to the Charleston climate such as this colorful palette of leaves in one of many flower beds next to the wharf. 

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