Monday, February 6, 2012

Saint Matthew's Church - Charleston, South Carolina

View from Marion Square
Moonlight Steeple

Built in the mid 19th Century for the growing German and Dutch population of the Port City of Charleston, Saint Matthew's German Evangelical Lutheran Church. Founded by a future General and Mayor of Charleston, Johann Andreas Wagener brought the plans for a German-speaking service to immigrants to light in 1840.  As a tale to most historic edifices around  the world, the most destructive factor is Fire.  In 1965, the Tale of the Tower happened after a light bulb blew and in turn, ignited some materials which engulfed the church. The steeple fell across King Street into Marion Square due to weakening of the structure.  However, through community support and hard work, the church has been fully restored with stained glass windows made in Munich, Germany, and the Church was able to hold services once again by the following year.

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