Saturday, May 18, 2013

Domum Americam - Washington, District of Columbia

The Crown Jewel of Capitol Hill

          "...a pedestal waiting for a monument". - Pierre L'Enfant, architect and designer of Washington, District of Columbia by the order of President George Washington.

      When I took this picture, I thought to myself "That is a damn nice picture" and after scouring through all the pictures I have taken of the Capitol building exterior, I would say that this is my personal favorite.  With the combination of the deep gold and almost orange colors of the setting sun and the nearly perfect reflecting pool, this picture gives me great pride as a junior photographer.  Mind you, this image has not been altered with Photoshop (which I do not own and probably never will) or any other programs of that sort.  What you see here is what my eyes saw that day standing in the Lower Senate Park.

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