Saturday, December 23, 2017

France's Rome - Nîmes, France

When I penciled in my route for my World Tour 2015, how could I not include the ancient city of Nîmes and the wonders that the city holds!  The city cradles three examples of Roman structures that numerous 'top ten' lists have proclaimed to be the best preserved and 'must see' places.  Once I arrived to the city that dates back to the Bronze Age to witness the pristine Maison Carrée and the colossal arena with my own eyes, set off onto my other mission!  My told my hostess Sophie that I would make a homemade American meal for the night so I needed to stop by a market.  There was my problem.  I arrived in the later half of a Sunday and all the markets that I could find were closed for the day.  As the sun was fading from the sky, I made my way to Sophie's house to meet her and break the bad news about dinner.  After navigating my way there along Quai de la Fontaine to Sophie's, I meet another traveler that was also staying with our host for the night.  As we waited for Sophie to arrive I learned she was living in Germany as an au pair and exploring Europe before returning home.  During our conversation, Sophie pulled up and brightly welcomed the both of us and brought us to her incredible apartment.  Located on one of the low hills overlooking the center of the city, the view from her patio was breath-taking!  Once I broke the unfortunate news to my host and fellow traveler about dinner, Sophie suggested we have an American-style dinner with a Nimois flavor - pizza!  Once we returned with our pizza pies, we sat outside sharing stories and experiences with each other as we feasted on delicious slices of pizza while the apple pie for dessert was baking in the oven!  
As we finished up with dinner, Sophie shared an interesting story with us.  She began by saying she was hesitant on hosting another 'Trevor' from the experience she had with the last guest with the same name stayed with her.  Especially since I told her I was on a bicycling adventure across Europe and this other Trevor was riding a motorcycle on a European tour.  Long story short, he overstayed his welcome and left Sophie saddled with his motorcycle that he should not have had.  She closed the story with thanking me ying to the yang of a rollercoaster ride the other Trevor had sent Sophie on.  As we all decided to call it a night, I felt a great sense of relief knowing I was off the hook for not 'making' dinner and restoring faith back into the name Trevor for one of the best hostess' I have had the pleasure of meeting along my travels across the globe!

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