Sunday, May 25, 2014

From Angst to Bliss - Ulm, Germany

After spending more time than anticipated in Ludwigsburg, I made a late arrival to the city with the first item to knock of the dream list to see: The Minster.  Stepping out into the bustling train station after night fall was a bit overwhelming and adding to that fact, I did not have any place to stay the night - yet.  Wearing my nerves on my sleeve, I approached the information stand to a wild haired woman by the name of Lotti.  In my best German, I pleaded for help!  With a big smile sweeping across her face, she saved the day!  Glad to help me, she made a few calls to some of the local hotels and hostels in the old town area.  I had been recommended from a friend to stay at a hostel on the Neu-Ulm side, but Lotti knew she could do better, and I have to applaud her on her accomplishments!  She found Hotel Stern for me.  Mapping out the route for me on a tourist map, she explained in both German and English where I had to go during my stay.  I could not thank her enough for all that she did for me as I departed into the night air, not realizing I would see her again in a few days just outside of Garmisch!  Following the pencil markings on my map, I found the Zuhause-style hotel that Lotti scored for me.  With the glow of the bright blue lights illuminating the front, I made my way to Hotel Stern's front door to find one of the coziest places I have ever stayed!  After settling in and tossing down my pack, it was time to go find the Ulmer Münster, the tallest church in the world!  With my camera bag in tow, I passed by the front desk and asked what was the easiest way to the church and the gentlmen chuckled "two lefts and then you can't miss it!" 

Sure enough!  There stood the 530 foot gargantuan shining in the spotlights under the clear night sky, towering above the winding streets lined with colorful store fronts and cafes.  Needless to say, I was on cloud nine as the tower bells broke the silence of the tranquil square below as my aperature took in this magnificent sight! 

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