Sunday, May 25, 2014

Motherlode of Monrepos - Ludwigsburg, Germany

While enjoying frühstück, or what we call breakfast, near the market plaza in Mannheim, I asked my server if she knew of any unique but inexpensive places to stay around Ludwigsburg.  With a smile she said that Schlosshotel Monrepos is a must!  Once I was back into the range of wi-fi, I checked out her suggestion and saw that it was less than one hundred euro ($140 USD), I quickly made my reservations for the night.  Not knowing exactly what I was getting myself into, I was thinking the hotel was simply named after a nearly by castle that was once in the area.  Arriving in the small town of Beitigheim-Bissingen, I found myself a taxi driver and when he asked "Wohin möchten sie gehen?" (Where would you like to go), a smile came across his face when I said the Monrepos Hotel.  On the drive, he told me all that I would need to see while on my stay.  When I asked him where all of these places he was listing were in relation to where my hotel was, he chuckled as he said "They are all less than a hundred meters from the hotel".  At that point that I finally realized to where I was actually going!  But the excitement did not stop there...

After checking in and getting settled in, it was time for a very important part of any day; dinner!
As I sit here, reminiscing over my stay and recalling my incredible entree of a lamb shank served atop perfected mashed potatoes and sauteed red cabbage, adorned with gravy sent from heaven, I am trying to keep the drool from overflowing from my mouth!  Despite being stuffed from the chef's complimentary appetizer and the fulfilling entree, I could not resist dessert, naturally!  All I will say is that I left my table as happy as a kid at Christmas and probably looked like ol' Saint Nick himself!  Following dinner, I walked along the stone-paved path to the great lawn of Monrepos and at the edge of Eglosheimer lake.  After a delightful dinner and a walk in the crisp night air, I slept quite well until just before the sunrise!  Watching the new day come to light in the sight of this former palace of the Württemberg royal family was more than enjoyable!  

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