Thursday, April 5, 2012

Casulon Manision - Good Hope, Georgia

Struck by Suspicious Fire
The historic estate of the former plantation of 10,000 acres, home to numerous of the local areas festivals along with a Civil War annual reenactment, went up in flames, almost! Said to have sent flames 100 feet into the air on the night of 25 May, 2002, also in the heat of the divorce of the owners, which happened to be out of state at the time adds to the suspicion behind the tragedy. 

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  1. Thanks Trevor, These pictures are great! The Casulon Plantation was built in 1824, my 4th Great Grand Uncle James Walker Harris was the builder and later purchased it in 1834. Any chance I can use these 3 photos in my family history pages? Warm Regards, Jill Mullin-Kang