Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wilkes County Courthouse - Washington, Georgia

Wilkes County ranks among the first for numerous 
marks in Georgia's history.  As one of the eight original counties and the only county of them to not be colonized, the first rigid structure that served as a 'courthouse' was a simple one level, one room tavern! From there, a log house cabin was built on what is the town square which the statue stands followed by a brick, Federal-style building was erected with the first clock tower on a courthouse in the State of Georgia. It was within the walls of that building that Jefferson Davis convened the final Confederate Cabinet, dissolving the Confederate States of America.  Today's building was completed in 1904, hinted with Gothic attributes, it's Romanesque revival was a commonality of Milburn's works, such as this and other great buildings of the South such as the South Carolina State House.

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