Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Grey House - Callaway Plantation, Washington, Georgia

As the second home to the Callaway Family,  the Grey House was built around 1790 that was more suitable for the growing family. Within the walls of the two-story home are some of the important pieces to everyday life in the Colonial Period.

It amazes me to think for most of the early years of Colonial America, dishware was either shipped from the Orient or Europe across vast oceans or handmade within the home. We often take our stoneware or even paper plates and plastic ones for granted!

The bibliophile in me sniffed these books out as soon as I set foot into the house!  Enclosed in the glass covering is a leather-bound family bible which came with the family from Britain and survived the life on the Frontier to this day!  Another important document to a growing family was the Textbook, despite it being a nightmare to the student! 

Set next to the hearth in the master bedroom, this loom provided to the family and the servants of the plantation with cotton grown on the 3,000 acre spread or of wool from the farm's flock of sheep or of the stock of the cotton harvest. 

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