Monday, June 24, 2013

Around the Mountain - Stone Mountain, Georgia

After living in the state of Georgia for two years, I finally made my way to Stone Mountain State Park and Memorial.  First and foremost, I was glad that I had my new telephoto lens for this trip being I could really "reach out and grab" great shots such as the downtown Atlanta skyline and more people shots while not looking somewhat creepy.

Not knowing much about the mountain and park itself, I simply followed my GPS to a gate, paid my dues and went on my merry way to the nearest parking spot.  Once there, I took a gander at the map and read up on my options as far as maneuvering the trails and noticed that there was trail to the top of the mountain but was rated "somewhat difficult".  Being I was on a time limit I wanted to see the monument more than anything so I just began following the mass of people that I thought would lead me there.  About 20 minutes in to walking along a slight incline of a trail, I pause for a few skyline shots when I hear "I think we are almost to the top."  I immediately pull out that map and realize I am on the trail to the top and laugh.  I guess if you compare this path to a level sidewalk then it could be slightly difficult!  For the rest of the hike I laughed to myself as I was blowing past people on the way to the top of this challenging trek, supposedly.  

I love how this shot turned out and so far have had a great response from friends on them as well!  Great thing about professional photographers passing their wisdom onto me over time!

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