Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Old Governor's Mansion - Milledgeville, Georgia

Regarded as the most perfect High Greek Revival in the United States, the Executive Manor housed the governors of Georgia from 1838 to 1868.  Standling galliantly with it's noble columns and proud facade, the Mansion holds great historical value to the State of Georgia.  Surviving through the Civil War and the wrath of General Sherman's March to the Sea, the Governor's Mansion was the home to the longest serving governor in Georgian history, Joseph Brown.  Following the War, the Mansion became vacant after the capitol was moved to Atlanta and became barracks for the nearby Georgia Military College.  Turning over to the Georgia College and State University, the Mansion was home to the Presidents of that institution until the 1980's when the Mansion became the museum that it is today.  This was one of those places that did not allow photography on the inside tour, which for a person like me is EXTREMELY hard to do.  With that said, it is worth the few dollars to get a full tour of the three story mansion and learn about the Antebellum Era of the Georgia Governor's Mansion in historic Milledgeville.

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